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Cross Country Ski Club

Banff Ski Runners Cross Country Ski Club. Established in 1911.

The Banff Ski Runners, founded by renowned mountaineer Conrad Kain in 1911, is the oldest ski club in Canada and is a member of Cross Country Canada. Over the years the club has been represented in a number of ski sports, including cross-country skiing, ski jumping and alpine racing.

The Banff Ski Runners club is inspired by the philosophy that skiing is a lifetime sport that should be enjoyed by all levels and ages. From the trails of the Bow Valley, Banff Ski Runners members have the option of climbing provincial, national and international podiums as high as their desires and abilities take them. Regardless of where they end up, it will be with a happy heart and a lifetime devotion to a great sport.

Today’s Banff Ski Runners members are mostly cross country ski masters, athletes from different sports backgrounds and cross-country ski enthusiasts who like to have fun, progress, train and race on snow.