2016/17 Masters Winter Program

Target group – Masters who have an interest in training to compete (but not necessary that you do).  Masters who are interested in improving their ski technique as well as have fun!

Coach – Eric dyNys

The sessions are offered mostly at Canmore Nordic Center. Winter season is 5 month (November – March).  Both classic and skate techniques.

Tuesday afternoon 11:00am-1:00pm: Technical Session
For anyone who wants to improve technique. Lots of technique with drills and instructing. Don’t get fooled, knowing Eric it’s still going to be a work out….

Wednesday night 6:00-8:00 pm: Intensity Session
This session is designed for skiers who are training to race or improve fitness.  It will involve warm up, technique and usually interval training. It will be a challenging, pushing hard and still learning….

Saturday mornings 10-12:00 am: Technical and Intensity Session
For everyone who would like to work on fitness or racing on skies. Put your new skills to the test, this will make you fast and fit.

You can show up one or all of these days depending what do you need to work on and what works for you.


  • Membership fee for 2016-17 is $750.
  • Includes all of the sessions for the winter.
  • Wax clinic to learn some secrets (to be determined).
  • Can include race support if the majority of club members are attending to a race.
  • You will not have to worry about punch cards and keeping track of things.
  • Membership fee for the winter season is due Nov 2, 2016.
  • BSR fee includes the mandatory membership fees for Cross Country Alberta and Cross Country Canada for insurance purposes.


Plan for 2016-17 is 20 members.


Can be made by cheque or e-transfer.

Carpooling from Calgary:

Carpooling from Calgary is organized via group membership e-mail.


Ski Banff Runners goal is to build a small masters club with members who are interested in building technique as well as training and hopefully some racing!  The sessions will be held both classic and skating technique so committing to both with equipment is preferred. The type of skiing is going to be determined by conditions week by week

Have a great winter!